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Must Try Vegan Restaurants

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Our contributing blogger, KC (@tastywithkc_) wants to give you the run down on some of the premier rabbit food, erm..vegan friendly restaurants in Nassau, and Freeport. Maybe you're a social vegan that avoids meet (get it?) or you're an actual herbivore, this is a kale-to-action to go out and try a vegan restaurant! If you didn't know where to start, then lettuce show you!

Happy reading!

Vegan Restaurant #MustTry

Vegan options have become the new craze as of late and since most of our New Year's Resolution of “losing weight” is still lingering in the air (at least mine is) I thought it would be great to write about some local restaurants that offer vegan menu items!

In today’s health conscious society I feel that restaurants should add vegan options to their standard menu. Veganism is more than just a trend and more people are choosing to embrace this lifestyle. Not only will it translate into a boost in sales, but the restaurants can gain new clients while keeping the existing non-rabbit-food-eating customers happy as well (but that’s just the marketing professional in me speaking).

Green Gamut - Freeport, Grand Bahama

Being a native of Grand Bahama this is my number 1 MUST TRY Vegan restaurant. Offering smoothies, coffees, teas and homemade drinks along with fresh, organic ingredients, a diverse menu and KETO options this place truly has it all. Saturday and Sunday Brunch is available where they jazz up the classic Bahamian breakfast dishes like stew and boil fish and added a healthy alternative for the ever famous Johnny Bread by making it with spelt flour instead of white.

For those that aren't familiar, Spelt is an ancient cereal grain that, while primarily indigenous to southern Europe it has been widely grown across the continent. It declined in popularity during the 19th century, but it’s now making a comeback as a health food. This nutrient-rich whole grain is high in protein and has a nutty flavor.

They make vegan food taste great, and are definitely a stop you should make if you are ever in Freeport. You can check out their social media page on Instagram GREEN GAMUT BISTRO (@green_gamut) • Instagram photos and videos

Livity Vegetarian Take out and Juice Bar

Also in Grand Bahama located Downtown in the Food Truck Park, this food truck is FAMOUS for its smoothies, fresh juices and shakes. They use fruits, veggies and other natural ingredients to create delightful mixes. My personal favorite is the Alkaline shake.

They have ventured into the food side of things where they offer daily lunch specials such as tofu, brown rice, steamed greens, sea moss salad, wraps, burgers, and specialty lunch drinks like tamarind juice, and Soursop juice.

This place is great if you're on the go and need something filling and flavorful! They also don't hold back on their food portions so you’re guaranteed to be full. You can see their daily specials on Facebook Livity Vegetarian Take-Out & Juice Bar | Facebook

NRG Bahamas - Nassau, New Providence

Nutrition Ready to Go (NRG) is a health and wellness cafe located in Nassau, Bahamas with two locations: one on Cable Beach and the other at the Old Fort Bay Town Center. A family owned and operated cafe, this spot has a great variety of smoothies and smoothie bowls, wellness shots, juices and food. They have outdoor dining and takeout available, and are slowly reopening the indoor dining. Some of the popular menu items are the Go Nut Smoothies and the must try food would be the Veggie Teriyaki Quinoa Signature Hot Plate. Their website is Health Food, Smoothie and Juice Cafe – NRGBahamas

New Life - Nassau, New Providence

Also located in the Old Fort Bay shopping Plaza, this shop not only offers food but also products and groceries for those choosing to live a healthy lifestyle. They have a small sit-in area inside where they offer consultations for those with health issues (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.) and their menu ranges from juices, shakes, smoothies, pastries, burgers and other main course dishes. Their operating hours are 9am- 4:30pm and a must try on the menu is the Mushroom Burger and the Spaghetti.

Also, check out their online store in case you want to purchase health packages and remedies at New Life Natural Vegetation Cell Food (

Little Mustard Seed Healthy Cafe - Nassau, New Providence

This is a “Take Out” only option for right now but it’s located on Mount Royal Avenue in Nassau. Their cuisine is more Caribbean-Vegan inspired, and their menu offers food like Vegetarian roti’s and patties.

They have also added fish to the menu every Tuesday and Friday as a special option. They keep their information updated on their Facebook page Lil Mustard Seed Healthy Cafe | Facebook

If you’re ever tired of chicken and conch snacks and want to opt for a healthier route you should definitely check out these top spots!

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