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The 5 Best Cocktails in Nassau

I wish I could have gone on assignment with Derencia when she was doing the "research" for this piece. A better selection of top tier cocktails at nuanced bars and lounges in Nassau I could not put together. Might be worth just making a day out of it and trying them all in a circuit, if you can handle that! haha!

Happy reading! - Nick

5 Best Cocktails in Nassau

Have you ever heard the TikTok that goes "And when it comes to a drink, I'm gone have it", yep that's me! I like drinks, simple as that.

Over the years, my palate has changed from fruity drinks only with the occasional beer, to a lover of medium-dry wines, martinis and anything mango flavored. In the same vein, numerous bars have emerged onto Nassau's landscape and elevated the libation scene. Gone are the Friday nights we spent "Downtown", they have turned to evenings at Bon Vivants, and Monkey Bar. Of course, with new cocktail bars there are new and exciting drinks to enjoy.

Here are the 5 Best Cocktails in Nassau!

Zephyr at Bon Vivants

I am not usually a Gin drinker, but the Zephyr at Bon Vivants changed that. This drink is so crisp and refreshing; you may not even realize that you’re “drinking drinking”. The Zephyr is a head turner, as it is adorned with citrus slices, flowers and rosemary stems. Whenever this drink is served, someone will always ask "What is that?” This Bon V Classic has two versions, a French or Spanish Zephyr and they're both phenomenal so try one of each!

Tamarind Margarita at Hillside House

Let me tell you about the most delicious drink ever. The Tamarind Margarita at Hillside House is excellent. This drink is smooth and does not have a horrible aftertaste. Even though, it is a bit tangy, it goes down well. I love anything tamarind flavored, but this margarita is everything I want in a drink. Flavorful, unique and just the right amount of alcohol to have you singing like Wyclef Jean in “Hips Don’t Lie”.

Long Tall Sally at Yellowbell

This cocktail is a twist to the classic French 75. It has vodka instead of gin and isn't as acidic as a French 75 is usually. The touch of honey serves as a sweet compliment to this tasty citrus cocktail. If you’re anything like me, and you love sparkling wine, prosecco, or champagne, the Long Tall Sally at Yellowbell is definitely a must try.

Mango Moscow Mule at Hillside House

I really enjoy mango flavored drinks. Mango daiquiri, mango mojitos, even mango lemonade; it's literally one of my favorite flavors. The Mango Moscow Mule at Hillside House is a drink for everyone. Whether, you prefer sweet drinks or something with a little more edge, this cocktail has the perfect balance. The tartness of the ginger beer and lime combined with the mango makes this drink a delight.

Little Miss Rocksteady at Yellowbell

Little Miss Rocksteady will definitely have you feeling like you are on a vacation. With just the first sip, you are taken to a tropical paradise; which is quite fitting for The Island House. Pineapple, mango, lime and coconut make for a fun, flirty cocktail that is not only flavorful but a great time all around.

Have you tried any of these cocktails before? What are your favorite cocktails in Nassau? Feel free to drop the names in the comments below, and of course connect with me on social media and let’s talk bars, libations and all things cocktail!


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